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Disco Dome Hire in Chester le street, Stanley, Consett, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and surrounding areas

Disco domes have swept the nation as THE party piece in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With everything you need in one inflatable nightclub, including a stunning sound and light show, they create an instant pop-up party almost anywhere.

Fully enclosed fun
County Durham disco dome hire comes with a fully enclosed bouncy castle for you to strut your funky stuff in private, away from the prying eyes, and cameras, of other guests. This means you can really let your hair down and go for it. What’s more, because your disco dome has a soft, bouncy floor, you can try moves you’d never dream of trying on a real dance floor.

You play DJ
Disco dome hire in Chester le Street comes complete with speakers and lights built in. All you have to add is the music, using any Bluetooth device, such as your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. This means that you can play DJ for the day, picking a playlist of all your favourite tunes (or your kids’ favourites) and you can even take requests, using Spotify or YouTube. Please don’t forget your Bluetooth device to play your music on the day, or your disco will be rather quiet!

Fun for everyone
The best thing about disco dome hire in Newcastle or Sunderland is that everyone can join in the fun. Unlike our kids bouncy castles, our disco domes are made thicker and stronger for all ages, so you can join in with the kids, or have your own grown up fun once they have gone to bed. Why not combine your Durham disco dome hire with an amazing glow in the dark UV party for the ultimate party experience.

Our disco domes are hugely popular, so please make sure you book well in advance by calling or emailing us as soon as your party date is confirmed.

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